October 14th, 2016 by Martha Coacher

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marthacoacherConducting a successful property or space tour is one of the most critical steps in closing a deal with a tenant. Unfortunately, for many brokers preparing the tour book itself is a process fraught with hassle, extra work, and frequently with unimpressive results. Leading brokers are using new tools to turn the tour experience into an important decision-support resource by including the following features:

1. Impressive Presentation

When we spoke with brokers, we found that the “look” of a tour book was without a doubt the top differentiating factor. Previously, brokers had to rely on designers or support staff to create impressive presentations, but new capabilities put that ability directly into the broker’s hands. Make sure your book is a showcase for the space with an elegant layout and design that really sells your brand.

2. Digital Sharing

Ditch the static tour book and send tour books as a digital experience that tenants can view on a smartphone or desktop before, during, and after the tour. Tenants will more readily go back and refer to the information if it’s easily available on their digital devices.

3. Up-To-Date Property Data

Give tenants greater insight into all that spaces have to offer: market data, maps, floor plans, even local attractions and transit options. This is where the broker’s knowledge about the space is another important differentiation and delivers a value-added experience.

4. Tenant Collaboration

Let tenants include feedback, photos of their own, or even video to make the digital book useful after the day of the tour.

5. Data Integration

The digital tour experience allows direct access to data from other providers, saving time by eliminating data entry.

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