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About DMGT

DMGT manages a diverse, multinational portfolio of companies, with total revenues of almost £2bn, that provide businesses and consumers with compelling information, analysis, insight, events, news and entertainment. DMGT is also a founding investor and the largest shareholder of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC and ZPG Plc.


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DMGT's portfolio of companies:


RMS (Risk Managment Solutions) is the world’s largest catastrophe modelling company, and the only of its kind to deliver its global suite of catastrophe models within a rich ecosystem incorporating all sources of risk. RMS was acquired by DMGT in 1998, and have since then consistently complemented our growing b2b information portfolio. RMS models and software incorporate the latest science, 25 years of dedicated catastrophe risk research and development, and regional expertise. RMS helps insurers, financial markets, corporations, and public agencies evaluate and manage catastrophe risks throughout the world. RMS are headquartered in San Francisco and have 9 offices around the world, employing over 1,100 people. The business leads the catastrophe risk modelling industry that it helped to pioneer, and has created the RMS(one)® platform, which is transforming the world’s understanding and quantification of risk through open, real-time exposure and risk management. More than 400 insurers, reinsurers, trading companies, and other financial institutions trust RMS models and SaaS solutions to better understand and manage the risks of natural and human-made catastrophes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, terrorism, and pandemics. RMS clients include 85% of the top 40 global reinsurance companies. RMS thinks about the unthinkable, enabling the management of even the most extreme events. Its scientific and objective measurement of risk facilitates the efficient flow of capital needed to insure, manage, and ultimately mitigate these risks to reduce the consequences of disasters, promoting resilient societies and a sustainable global economy.

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dmg information (dmgi) comprises a portfolio of high growth, innovative, must-have information media businesses in the property, education and energy sectors. dmgi’s goal is to continue to identify, invest in and organically develop strong and differentiated business-to-business (B2B) information businesses. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, dmgi has an international focus with significant operations through our businesses in the United States, UK, Australia and Continental Europe. These businesses employ over 3,000 employees globally. dmgi started life in the early 1990s and comprised of a few educational publishing assets and a stated goal of building an information-based division to diversify DMGT’s interests outside of its UK newspaper assets. By the late 1990s the division had transformed into a B2B information group following the acquisitions of EDR, Landmark and Risk Management Solutions (which has grown so significantly that it now operates as a separate division of DMGT). In the mid-2000s dmg information entered the structured finance information sector, initially through Trepp. Soon after that dmgi acquired Genscape providing a foothold in the energy and commodity information sector. Over the past decade dmgi has driven organic growth through innovative new products and geographic expansion as well as successfully integrating numerous bolt-on acquisitions.

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dmg events

dmg events was founded in 1988 to handle DMGT’s growing portfolio of events and now generates growth from almost half a million visitors per year and over 13,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries. The business aims to bring together the professional markets and communities it serves, and to enrich those connections with industry leading conferences, exhibitions, content and context. dmg events serves its customers globally through in-person and virtual offerings designed to meet their continually changing needs. Headquartered in Dubai, dmg events is active in exhibitions, conferences and training in a wide variety of exciting and growing sectors worldwide. It currently operates in North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, employing over 300 staff. dmg events has an extensive range of globally spread oil and gas events including Gastech, World Heavy Oil Congress and ADIPEC. The Middle East & Asia operation works in multiple sectors such as construction, interiors, hotels and hospitality, office interiors, and facilities management. Notable events include The Global Petroleum Show, The Big 5, Index and The Hotel Show.

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Euromoney Institutional Investor

Euromoney Institutional Investor is an international B2B media group focused on international finance, metals and commodities sectors. It is a leading provider of economic and investment research and data, publishes business information and runs conferences, seminars and training courses. Euromoney knows the financial markets are interconnected, and therefore that for investors, it is important to stay on top of key developments in one sector whilst keeping an eye on trends in others. Euromoney’s specialist journalists bring readers an authoritative round up of the capital markets, investment, foreign exchange & treasury, and regional markets including Asia, Latin America, and EMEA. Euromoney’s benchmark surveys and awards help people to find the institutions best placed to handle their businesses, and can give the edge needed when pitching to clients. Euromoney Magazine was launched by DMGT in 1969 to cover the re-emergence of the international cross-border capital markets. The Euromarket, after which the magazine is named, is the predecessor to today’s mainstream global capital markets. Euromoney reported on, and championed, this market and its growth, in the process becoming the prime magazine of the wholesale financial world, its institutions and its users.

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dmg media

dmg media has more than 120 years’ heritage in newspaper publishing and is building on that experience to secure its competitive advantage for future growth. What started as a family newspaper business has become a global multi-media business providing the world with the latest news and information in national newspapers, websites, mobile and tablet applications. Forming the consumer arm of DMGT’s operations it is an important part of the Groups heritage. dmg media, home to a portfolio of influential media brands, is dedicated to delivering engaging, entertaining news, information and opinion. The Daily Mail is the leading mid-market daily newspaper in the UK. Established in 1896, the brand is as influential as ever and is an integral part of British journalism. The Mail on Sunday is the UK’s second largest national Sunday newspaper, known for its investigative journalism and award-winning magazines YOU and EVENT. MailOnline is the world’s largest English-speaking newspaper website with more than 211 million monthly unique visitors globally. MailOnline offers a unique amalgam of fresh, sensational, breaking and reliable news. Leading urban brand Metro is made for the city, helping its urbanite audience get more from city life. The UK’s third largest newspaper is a morning ritual for the nation’s commuters delivering entertaining bite-size content every weekday.

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