Maintaining a Market

Our incredibly dedicated team of researchers performs ongoing, proactive research in each existing market to ensure that you have access to the most accurate and up to date information as possible. A brief overview of those operations is below.


Listing Research

We proactively maintain the inventory of sale and lease listings, ensuring that you have access to the most accurate and relevant information. Our commercial research associates also:

  • Ensure listing information is up-to-date
  • Coordinate with your internal listing management team
  • Maintain accurate marketing material
  • Inform you about relevant changes to your listings


“It’s my job to keep your listings current and accurate to help you market your properties.”
ASHLEE, Commercial Research Associate


Field Research

Field researchers are a key component to building and maintaining Xceligent’s property universe for each market in the country. They physically inspect the commercial structures and catalog all key building characteristics, tenant rosters, availabilities, and property and listing representation.

  • Physically inspect commercial structures that are above 5,000 SF, actively listed, or sold in the last 2 years
  • Take an original photo of each inspected property
  • Identify new listings, new listing companies, and new construction
  • Perform sale comparable site inspections
  • Augment research efforts by identifying changes in representation and occupancy


“I supervise Xceligent’s nearly 100 field researchers across the country, prioritizing their efforts and ensuring new markets are driven on schedule.”
RYAN, Field Research Manager


Tenant Research

The tenant research team supervises proactively maintains the tenant rosters of commercial structures, ensuring that you have access to the most accurate and relevant information.

  • Physically match tenants to their correct spaces
  • Proactively verify every tenant in every space for tracked properties
  • Verify and populate critical data including contact information, occupancy date, and occupied square footage
  • Reconcile changes in occupancy to provide accurate absorption and vacancy trends


“I ensure you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive tenant rosters.”
CHRISTINA, Associate Research Manager


Sales Comparable Research

Sales comparable researchers proactively verify transaction information, identify true buyer and seller, and attach key collateral pieces to each sales comparable. Below are some of the other valuable services they provide.

  • Pierce the corporate veil to identify true ownership
  • Verify transaction details including price and financing
  • Attach deeds and property level data at time of sale
  • Notify field research to perform physical site inspection


“I make sure you have access to the most complete sales comparables possible before anyone else in the market.”
NIKKI’A, Sales Comparable Researcher



The directors of analytics continuously audit our data to ensure superior accuracy and facilitate our quarterly Advisory Board meetings. Some of the valuable services Directors of Analytics provide are:

  • Audit and reconcile changes in occupancy for tracked properties
  • Facilitate quarterly Advisory Board meetings to certify market data
  • Monitor the latest transactional data, development activity, and local market trends
  • Produce quarterly market trend reports as certified by the top leasing professionals in the market


“Providing accurate and timely market data is our core mission, which ensures that our clients can confidently make business decisions.”
BRAD, Regional VP of Analytics


Customer Care

Customer care representatives are professional liaisons to all Xceligent customers. Below are some of the valuable services they provide to you.

  • Host online customer product training classes every week
  • Investigate and supervise the reconciliation of customer concerns
  • Provide customers with a competitive advantage by generating reports and market analysis


“From product training to helping with a deal you are working on, consider me your Xceligent personal assistant.”
SHAUNA, Customer Care Representative


Advisory Boards

The Advisory Boards provide a competitive advantage to all Xceligent customers by ensuring they have access to the most accurate market trends possible. Below are some of the valuable services our Advisory Boards provide to you:

  • Peer nominated and comprised of the top leasing professionals in the market
  • Define market and submarket boundaries and establish the inventory of tracked properties
  • Review and certify every significant change in occupancy in the local market
  • Validate rental rates, vacancy rates, significant transactions, and development activity


“Xceligent provides the most accurate data collected in the most efficient and professional manner… no other service comes close to this accuracy.”
Mark A. Bentley, SIOR, Principal Broker | Colliers


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