Xceligent Direct takes full advantage of our proactive research team’s hard work to ensure you are marketing your up to date listings to potential lessees and buyers, as well as attract new clients for your business. By removing the need for the maintenance of internal listing databases and complicated website listings systems, Xceligent Direct allows you to focus on closing deals and attracting new clients, while fostering relationships with commercial real estate professionals in your community.

Access To Comprehensive Property And Site Availabilities

Xceligent Direct empowers visitors to your website with the advanced searching tools necessary to efficiently locate commercial real estate properties and sites that match the needs of their businesses. Xceligent’s proactive research model ensures that your website visitors have access to an up to date inventory of your availabilities listed either for sale or lease, complete with critical site, building, and suite information, photos, and attachments.

Incredibly Fast Map-Based Searching Tools

Helping potential businesses find the right property, suite, or site is further simplified through Xceligent Direct’s map-based searches and property-specific criteria options. Visitors to your site can easily draw custom boundaries or radii in order to locate properties and sites that meet their needs within specific, targeted areas. Visitors can also search for key property characteristics using Xceligent Direct’s intuitive search interface, allowing any business representative to quickly find the right property or site to meet their needs.

Share, Print, and More

Through one simple, responsive interface, properties and sites can be viewed, mapped, printed, or emailed with incredible ease and speed. Visitors to your site can even select multiple properties or sites to create a package of potential locations that might meet the needs of their business.

Integration In Minutes, Listing Updates In Near Real-Time

Integrating Xceligent Direct is incredibly simple. We provide you with two options for implementing the entire platform: either as an embedded part of your website or as a stand-alone listing website. Our staff will work with your team to ensure that Xceligent Direct is up and running on your website in no time. Once implemented, listing updates flow to your website from our research database in near real-time, allowing you to continue to focus on attracting businesses to your availabilities.

Branded To Match Your Site

Xceligent Direct offers the flexibility of matching your website’s design and branding to ensure a seamless experience for your site’s visitors. Promote your company to your clients and potential clients while hosting your listings on your site.

Enhance your website experience now.