Xceligent has a suite of products designed specifically for commercial real estate professionals, appraisers, owners, investors, developers, and tenants to help them in making strategic decisions to lease, sell, and develop commercial properties.

Our professional research team pro-actively collects: a comprehensive inventory of commercial properties, buildings available for lease and sale, tenant information, sales comparables, historical trends on lease rates and building occupancy, market analytics, and demographics.

Find out how we:




Solutions for Brokers

Gain access to accurate and up to date information to quickly identify spaces meeting your client’s needs, analyze the active marketplace, generate new business, and market your client’s spaces and requirements.




Solutions for Owners

More than portfolio maintenance, this is portfolio excellence to increase your bottom line. We provide you with everything necessary to easily identify properties to increase your portfolio, maximize your portfolio’s performance, and market your buildings to the commercial real estate industry.




Solutions for Developers

Providing the competitive edge for site selection, analysis, and project marketing. We have the tools you need to quickly identify potential sites for your new development, determine the feasibility of the project and location, and market your project to the commercial real estate industry




Solutions for Appraisers

Increase the scope of your business through greater efficiency, accurate analysis, and professional output.




Solutions for Financial Services

We provide the information and tools necessary for: Regional and Community Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Bankers, and Private Equity, Debt, Institutional Real Estate and Capital Markets




Solutions for Economic Development

Get access to the information and tools you need to attract new businesses to your community.




Solutions for Commercial Property Service Providers

Gain new business and corner the market for your services in top properties.