For Commercial Property Service Providers

Access qualified leads.

Researched True Owners & Property Managers

Identify true property owner and property manager contacts building by building.

Verified Tenant

Identify potential suite-level customers in need of your services.

Researched Properties and Suites

Pre-qualify each property and suite through specific data characteristics and photography.

Land Ownership and Availability

Pre-qualify potential land owners and identify potential service needs through a comprehensive view of land at a parcel level, including the latest information on available acreage.

Streamline your sales process.

Researched Owner and Property Information

Search out and build owner-by-owner and manager-by-manager portfolios.

Verified Tenant Information and Researched True Owners

Export full property and suite contact information into your proprietary sales CRM.

Researched Properties and Suites

Prepare and create your own target markets for each sales territory.

Targeted Broadcast Email

Secure your spot on every managers Preferred Vendors List.

Instantly identify new customers.

Saved Sales Comparable Search

Get real time notifications of building sales and ownership and/or manager changes.

Saved Lease Transaction Search

Get real time notifications of suite leases and tenant changes.

Certified Quarterly Market Reports

Follow current market activity with tenant movement and occupancy.

Track the Development Pipeline

Stay current on projects under construction, planned, and proposed to identify potential developers seeking commercial real estate services.

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